Refuge is a vibrant church community, based out of Durham, NC. Refuge is a home church, meaning that we worship in people’s homes instead of a church building.

Choosing to worship in someone’s home means that we are able to give more of our resources to financially invest in our community, as we do not have the overhead that a church building brings. It also provides the flexibility to meet in a variety of contexts and engage the community through building relationships and service.

Our worship time might not look like a traditional church service. Teaching and preaching lends itself to conversation, making room for many voices to engage with the Scriptures. Every week, we share a meal, cultivating community among us. By eating together, we get to know each other, remain connected, deepen our friendships, and discover how we might support one another.

The mission of Refuge is:

to share the peace and community of God’s abundant table.


Refuge is a church-type mission of the Church of the Nazarene.

If you would like to know more about Refuge, reach out!

email: info@refugehomechurch.org

phone: 919-937-4144


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